All you need to know about the Launch of Mooning Monkey

NFT gaming, in spite of its nascency, has grown exponentially in 2021 with a market cap crossing $50 billion. A new project to join this burgeoning NFT gaming sector is the Polygon-powered Mooning Monkey platform. This is a gaming protocol with integrated Play-to-Earn capabilities, yield-generating features, and its own set of NFT collectibles. So before wasting any more time, let us dive right into the project.

NFT Collectibles: Monkeys, Comics & More

Mooning Monkeys are a collection of 4-tier finite NFTs, minted from 239 unique and rare traits. Each next level is attainable by burning a certain amount of previous level NFTs. The 4 levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: 12,000 Mooning Monkeys
  • Level 2: 3,000 Galactic Gorillas
  • Level 3: 1,000 Alien Gorillas
  • Level 4: 500 Eternal Yetis

The Takion token ($TAK), Mooning Monkey’s native currency, powers the gaming protocol. $TAK has a total supply of 10 billion tokens and you can get them through token sales, secondary markets, in-game rewards, future CEX listings etc.

To level up your existing NFTs it is quite simple: burn your current NFTs and some of the in-platform $TAK tokens.

  • Galactic Gorilla: Burn 4 Mooning Monkeys and 1,200 $TAK
  • Alien Gorilla: Burn 3 Galactic Gorillas and 1,350 $TAK
  • Eternal Yeti: Burn 2 Alien Gorilla and 1,800 $TAK

Unique Drawings: Additionally, they have an NFT Comic book collection with 100 NFTs minted for every page of the comic. The Collection is made of 4 Parts, each containing 14 pages, thus taking the total NFTs of this unique Artwork to 5,600.

Earn More With Your Mooning Monkey NFTs

You might be wondering, why should I buy these NFTs in the first place? The simple answer is, you get to earn from your NFTs. Each NFT is like a share of the Mooning Monkey ,providing an objective and calculable value on top of the creative and collectible aspect of any NFT. First, holding Mooning Monkey NFTs will make you a co-owner of the platform, thus entitling you to 60% of the profits. The protocol smart contract proportionately distributes the total profit through which Monkey holders get 50% and comic holders get 10%.

Second, NFT holders get free in-game $TAK tokens every day. The daily $TAK airdrop limit is as follows:

  • Mooning Monkey: 10 $TAK
  • Galactic Gorilla: 40 $TAK
  • Alien Gorilla: 120 $TAK
  • Eternal Yeti: 240 $TAK
  • NFT Comic Page: 15 $TAK

Third, NFT holders also get a bonus from the Mooning Monkey platform. Galactic Gorillas get 2.5%, Alien Gorillas get 7.5%, and Eternal Yeti gets 15% bonus rewards.

Each holder will therefore have a huge incentive to publicize and participate in the ecosystem, because it is his as well ! Perfect incentives and great passive income, gaming will be the leading industry in crypto.

Simply Hodl To Earn #H2E

The Mooning Monkey Crash Game

You can also participate in our own fun-filled crash game and earn lots of free cryptos! In the Mooning Monkey Crash Game, players bet against a monkey that is on its way to the moon! You can set a multiplier to determine your prize and can cash out anytime during the game. If you cash out before the Monkey crashes, your betting amount gets multiplied by your preset limit. However, if the Monkey crashes before you cash out, you will lose the game!

But don’t worry! We ensure that all the players win something so that they never return empty-handed. This is why we have cashback and bonuses. The Mooning Monkey Crash Game has a 5-level bonus program with the lower limit at 1% and the upper limit at 3%. However, this is only applicable for those gamers who will bet with $TAK tokens. Additionally, you can get cash back for playing the crash game. The cashback distribution is also divided into a 5-tier structure with a lower 1% and upper 3% limit.

Additional Earning Opportunities

There are other ways to earn with Mooning Monkey as well. For example, you can refer the crash game to your friend and can earn 1.99% each time they win. Similarly, you can also decide to bankroll the game and earn a percentage of the profit in proportion to your stake. Additionally, you can stake your $TAK tokens and earn passively through yield generation. The APY percentage varies from 5% to 100%, depending on your contribution.

Reach The Moon With Your Mooning Monkeys

Mooning Monkeys gives you access to some rare and unique NFTs with utility and long-term value. What’s more, you can play our crash game and earn more rewards. The plus point? Our game is extremely fair. Although we have an advertised house-edge of 5%, a total of 4% is redistributed to the community. This redistribution happens through profit sharing, cashback, bonus, etc. Thus, effectively, our house edge comes to just around 1%, making it a fair play for everyone.

So do not wait any longer. Phase 1 is about to resume and you can participate in the minting event simply by connecting your Phantom wallet. As we move to 2022, we will launch more surprise games and rewards! So hop into the rocket right now, because it is time to go to the moon!



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