How To Generate Passive Earnings With The Mooning Monkey Project

Mooning Monkey Official
4 min readApr 22, 2022

With the many NFT and crypto projects out there claiming to revolutionize rewards and economy systems in these two spaces, you might be overwhelmed with where to start and where to commit.

But, have you ever wondered how you can earn money consistently on one platform in various ways? Whether you are starting or increasing your passive income, Mooning Monkey offers you different avenues to do it depending on what you are comfortable with.

There are two types of earnings for the Mooning Monkey community namely Perpetual Rewards and Game Sharing Profit.


1. Perpetual Rewards

One unique thing about Mooning Monkey that separates it from the rest is the perpetual rewards. Perpetual rewards mean that instead of distributing a fixed amount daily, we will share 0.1% of the tokens left from the reward pool on a daily basis, making it a never-ending reward mechanism.

The priority of our tokenomics is to make sure that there is a continuous flow of income for everyone in the community. Forty-nine percent of the total token supply is kept to ensure that rewards will be distributed every 24 hours to each Mooning Monkey account.

Different percentages from this daily claimable airdrop will be given to you daily depending on your involvement in the platform (50% to TAK Stakers, 20% to Mooning Monkey holders, 15% to Comic Book Page holders, and 15% to Liquidity Providers).

2. Game Sharing Profit

On the other hand, you can also earn weekly through the game sharing profit. That is, 60% of the game profits will be shared weekly to MM and Comic Book Page holders making these account holders co-owners of the platform. The crash game which is a revamped version of an existing one has been earning 100 million USD profit every year since 2014 and, as a co-owner, you get to enjoy a part of those earnings!

We’ve covered how you can earn on this platform and now, let’s focus on six different ways to generate these earnings. This is merely a glimpse of what each has to offer but try to see which one calls out to you.


1. Own Mooning Monkey NFTs

Owning a Mooning Monkey NFT will bring you two sources of earnings. Firstly, by owning and staking Mooning Monkeys, you have the right to claim a daily airdrop from the perpetual reward pool. It will be calculated based on your Evolution Level (levels 1–4 — Mooning Monkey, Galactic Gorilla, Alien Gorilla, and Eternal Yeti) and the rarity average of your Mooning Monkey (ranges from 1 to 5 — Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary). Secondly, MM NFT holders become co-owners of the Mooning Monkey gaming platform and share 50% of the profits. The same criteria will be followed to determine the importance of your share. Don’t worry, this platform has you covered by providing calculators both for daily rewards and game profit sharing.

2. Own Comic Book Pages NFTs

These digital comic book pages are limited-edition and can be considered a collectible. Owning unique comic book pages on the platform will give you the same benefit of claiming a daily airdrop from the perpetual reward pool and will also entail a 10% share of the profits from the gaming platform. Don’t worry, this has a profit calculator, too!

So, if you have both kinds of NFTs, you are entitled to 60% of the profits of the gaming platform. Not bad, right?

3. Stake TAK Tokens

Aside from owning and staking NFTs, you can also stake TAK tokens. This entitles you to a daily airdrop to your account that can be connected to your wallet so that these tokens can work for you! You can stake the tokens you received or bought on a listed exchange to earn extra with a generous APY giving you the chance to earn and play on the platform continuously. A Staking Calculator is available to you on the platform, too.

4. Invest in the bankroll

Do you have confidence in a particular house on the platform? Then, this might be the one for you! When you invest in the bankroll and your house wins, you win, too! The percentage you earn depends on your investment percentage compared to the total Bankroll.

5. Refer your friends

Lastly, you can also refer your friends to join in the fun! You can invite your friends to join using a personalized link that you can share on your favorite social network. As your friends play the game, you can earn 1.5% of their future winnings.

6. Provide Liquidity

The Mooning Monkey liquidity pool for the TAK utility token will be available on UniSwap under the $TAK/USDC pair. By contributing to the liquidity pool, invested parties will automatically receive from the allocated daily 15% share of the 0.1% daily rewards from the perpetual reward pool. This means the higher the contribution, the higher the rewards.

Ready to blast off?

In terms of preference and risk appetite, Mooning Monkey has just the product for you. If you want to be a passive actor and simply buy NFTs, you can do so with the Passive earnings of the platform. If you want to be an Influencer and invite others to this opportunity, you will stand to gain Referral earnings. If you want to be an investor and bet on a particular house, you can increase your income through Bankroll earnings. And, if you want to be a player and try your luck, you can also earn Game earnings. Lastly, interested parties can even earn as a liquidity provider if you are more into trading and defi!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the community and reach new heights only possible through Mooning Monkey.