Mooning Monkey Announces Strategic Partnership with Latitude Blockchain Services

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3 min readJan 28, 2022


Latitude Blockchain Services joins Mooning Monkey

Through Mooning Monkey’s continuous efforts to expand the growth of its community and project, the NFT company is excited to announce that it has secured a strategic partnership with Latitude Blockchain Services, a highly-experienced marketing firm that provides full-scale marketing and outreach support through their vast and trusted network of industry heavyweights, influencers and developers to guide synergistic partnerships and collaborations.

Under the partnership, Mooning Monkey will be able to utilize and maximize a strong foundation of support through Latitude Blockchain Service’s experience in the blockchain space and extensive network of key actors and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the crypto sphere. This foundation will open up exciting opportunities for not only growth and scalability, but also longevity and security as means of achieving a strong and long-lasting foothold in the NFT economy.

About Latitude Blockchain Services

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Founded in 2017, Latitude Blockchain Services has partnered and worked with multiple top tier projects and companies including Celsius, Celer, Fetch AI, Umbrella Network, AuBit, and MobiePay. They are committed to providing startups with high quality and professional services to expedite their growth and longevity through fostering stronger communities and strategic partnership, enabling start ups to focus on building their vision with a central hub of support.

To further enhance communication between parties, Latitude Blockchain Services’ has assigned their partner Josh to be the key strategic advisor for Mooning Monkey. Josh is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Andromeda Capital Ltd., and an important partner in Latitude Blockchain Services. He has worked as a strategist and advisor for over 20 crypto startups including Legends of Elumia, Decimated, vEmpire, StackOS, Splyt, and Prasaga among others.

With his vast experience and trusted network borne from strategic investments in over a hundred startups, he is able to supply key insights on market conditions, marketing and post-launch strategies, structuring strong and active communities, and extensive guidelines on how to build a strong foundation for up and coming projects and companies.

About Mooning Monkey

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Mooning monkey is not just an NFT project. It encompasses the traditional NFT through utility, members-exclusive games, a limited edition Comic Book series, and so much more. With Mooning Monkey, holders get the chance to collect over 12,000 starting NFTs, which can then be combined and evolved into rarer Mooning Monkey levels. In addition, NFT holders also have the opportunity to earn free redistribution of tokens and exclusive members-only drops and many other upcoming surprises.

Join us as we prepare to lift off for an intergalactic adventure. Mooning Monkey is also open to collaborations and partnerships! Contact us at for more information.

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