Win or lose, earn rewards with this new crash game

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3 min readNov 23, 2021

NFTs have been surging in the crypto industry for a while now because of their unparalleled advantages and monetary benefits. One of the most exciting use cases of NFTs is offered in the form of gamified NFTs that helps users to earn exciting rewards.

One of the best utilities in the gamified NFT industry is presented by Mooning Monkey, a multiplayer-wagering game. Mooning Monkey allows users to co-own and profit from the crash game based on collectible NFTs. By holding a Mooning Monkey NFT you are therefore a “shareholder” of the game, earning passive income from the revenues generated.

Mooning Monkey is a crypto gaming platform built on the Polygon Blockchain and encourages users to interact with the platform, make friends, connections, and relationships with like-minded individuals to potentially make money along the way.

Mooning Monkey is building a unique NFT Crash Game based on the popular crash game where users can win exciting rewards while enjoying an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

Most NFTs are valued by the last price on Opensea, they also highly depend on the availability of a market liquidity that can disappear from one day to the next. Mooning Monkey NFTs will have a unique feature, additionally to the artistic and collectible feature, each NFT represents an objective and calculable share of the earnings.

Mooning Monkey Crash Game

Mooning Monkey has developed its own gaming playground on Polygon Blockchain to utilize its interoperability and fast transactions. The crash game is an online multiplayer game where users can bet against a monkey on its way to the moon that can crash anytime.

If the Monkey crashes before it reaches the finish point, which is the moon, the player loses. However, if the Monkey finishes its race to the moon or the player cashes out before it crashes, the player will earn amazing rewards. Moreover, even if the player loses, Mooning Monkey has rewards planned for everyone.

The Mooning Monkey Crash game is available to anyone, and if the player holds a Monkey NFTs, the reward increases as they get a profit share from the house earnings. The rewards increase as the NFT levels increase, and if the player holds Mooning Monkey NFT Comics, he will earn additional rewards.

Also, investors can benefit from the Mooning Monkey Crash Game by bankrolling the game. When a user bankrolls the game, they earn stakes in the profits and losses generated from the platform. The rewards for the players and bankrollers, despite winning or losing, are determined according to this reward calculator.

Mooning Monkey aims to become the crypto alternative to the classical crash game. It is an exciting platform as the winning curve can go to zero at any time. However, the project ensures that every player, despite their winning record, earns something from the platform while having fun.

Apart from the Mooning Monkey Crash Game, the project has a lot to offer and combines DeFi features such as tokens, staking, yield, airdrop, and more under a single platform. To learn more about Mooning Monkey, visit

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