Weekly Recap: August 15–21

A fantastic week has passed for the Mooning Monkey community. We hope you’re as pumped as we are from the updates given by our CEO in his community update. You may have also enjoyed our challenging but fun Trivia Contest.

To give you a recap of our eventful week, read the full article below:

Community Update

Our CEO have a couple of updates regarding our project on our Discord channel. One of them is the Mooning Monkey Crash Game. The Crash Game is currently in its final stage. The Crash Game V1 MVP will be ready by month end. We are in the process of getting our community to beta test the project, so it can give us very important feedback on the gameplay and functionalities.

One of the main update for the crash game is that we have removed the Bonus and instead increased the Cashback to 2% from 4%. The First Comic Book: Dark Days is already being minted while the second comic book is now being created by our artists. As for the NFT, the Alien Gorillas are already done and being mixed by our contract team.

TAK Token will also be the only token used for the crash game. You can use other cryptocurrencies to deposit in your account but they will be directly converted into $TAK. There are a lot of new updates from our CEO, you may check them out on Discord.

Trivia Night

Our Mooning Monkey’s knowledge of crypto and NFT were challenged during our Trivia Night. It was a fun and exciting game where our members guess the correct answer to NFT, crypto and Mooning Monkey related questions. This week we will be featuring 60 questions about the different flags and locations, so we hope to see you there.

Gartic Night Contest

It wouldn’t be a full week without Mooning Monkey’s Gartic Contest. Truly it is everyone’s favorite game because we have seen an increase in new members for this week. There will be more activities for everyone to join in the coming weeks, so make sure you head to our Discord server to be updated of all our events.



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