Weekly Recap: August 22–28

Mooning Monkey Official
3 min readAug 29, 2022

Every week the Mooning Monkey team devises different ways to engage and interact with the community. We have worked closely with other NFT projects to bring new and exciting prizes for our holders and members, as well as, evaluated our current Discord events to bring new ones to the community. There will be a lot in store for the month of September, so we wish that you can continue to stay tuned in our announcements.

For now, here is a rundown of last week’s announcements and activities:

Crypto Academy Live Lecture

The third installment of the Crypto Trading Basics was held last Monday wherein the title of the lecture was Understanding Financial Markets and Trading Instruments. In this session, our speaker discussed the world of financial markets and trading instruments. He made an in-depth discussion of each of the financial instruments and discussed the spot market. Other topics covered were forward and futures contracts and the foreign exchange market. At the end of the lecture, our members were quizzed on their knowledge about the topics covered.

Trivia Night Contest

Our Mooning Monkey members had an awesome time determining the flags and locations presented in each round. It was a tough battle between our four members but the important thing is they had fun and practiced sportsmanship in the game. Next week, we will be testing your knowledge of crypto, NFT, and the Mooning Monkey project, so stay tuned for our updates!

Gartic Night Contest

Our week wouldn’t be complete without the Gartic Night contest. Guess the image and win Discord event points. It is truly everyone’s favorite game! But we believe you’ll love our new game that we’ll be applying next week.

Rumble Royale

Want to join in this interactive storytelling game where you can earn Discord event points at the end of the week? Join us for our newest game which we will be conducting bi-weekly during Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The rules are simple.

How to Play the Game?

1. Mod prompts the bot to start the game

2. Players must click the ⚔️ at the start of the game to join each round

3. Let the bot do its thing & cross your fingers you’re the last man standing!

Mechanics of the Game

1. Rumble Royale will run for event points every Monday (alternating with Crypto Academy Mondays), Tuesday & Thursday — 6PM BKK // 11AM UTC

2. Each game will have 10 rounds and 10 winners

4. Each winner will get 1 point, which will be tallied after the Thursday game

5. Top 5 with the most points will receive the following:

⭐️Top 1–2 = 3 DC Event points

⭐️Top 2–4 = 2 DC Event points

⭐️Top 5 = 1 DC Event point

So, are you ready to test your luck & survive the odds?

Learn more about our Discord events by following our social media pages and joining our Discord server.