Weekly Recap: August 29 - September 4

AMA and Quarter 3 Updates

Alien Gorilla

  • Each evolution is accessed through the sacrifice of a number of NFTs of the previous Level.
  • The NFTs used for the evolution will be sent to a dead address and forever gone.
  • Each Level is composed of 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Superare, Legendary
  • Rarity impact: from common to legendary, max 20% profit share increase for the same level.
  • A profit share difference in rarity is a max of +20%, a difference in Level is exponential!
  • All the evolutions once released will be accessible on their collection page on Open Sea

Crash Game

Rumble Royale

How to Play?

Here are the mechanics:

Discord Event Points

Here is the summary of our prizes:

Trivia Night

Gartic Night Contest



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