Weekly Recap: August 29 - September 4

Mooning Monkey Official
4 min readSep 5, 2022


What a week it has been for the Mooning Monkey Community! We can’t believe that the first week of September has passed and it was filled with new and important announcements from our CEO regarding our projects. This weekly recap is a must-read so make sure you read until the end.

AMA and Quarter 3 Updates

Last week’s AMA was totally a blast because it was filled with new and exciting project updates from our CEO plus we were joined by Kyle in the end where he shared his ideas on the crypto market. In the end, we provided 10 questions regarding our project which our Mooning Monkey community answered. Each correct answer corresponds to one DC Event Point.

Some of the updates this Quarter 3 are the following:

Alien Gorilla

You have already seen our Mooning Monkeys and Galatic Gorillas. This Quarter 3 we are giving you a sneak peak of how our Alien Gorillas will look like. These beautiful Level 3 NFT are more powerful and will help you yield you more profits.

Aside from our Alien Gorillas, we have informed our community that they will be able to evolve their monkeys on our website. There will be no minting event that will take place. Instead, the Evolution Lab will replace the minting event wherein you can evolve your monkeys whenever you want.

A little reminder of the evolution characteristics:

  • Each evolution is accessed through the sacrifice of a number of NFTs of the previous Level.
  • The NFTs used for the evolution will be sent to a dead address and forever gone.
  • Each Level is composed of 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Superare, Legendary
  • Rarity impact: from common to legendary, max 20% profit share increase for the same level.
  • A profit share difference in rarity is a max of +20%, a difference in Level is exponential!
  • All the evolutions once released will be accessible on their collection page on Open Sea

Crash Game

We know everyone is excited for our Crash Game. We are happy to tell you that the Crash Game is 95% ready. We are currently in the process of an internal beta testing to ensure that all the features are working and for us to know which areas we need to tweak. Once we are done with our internal testing, we will pick a few members from our community and holders to also test the game. We also have a second game that we will launch soon.

We still have a lot of updates that you can check on our Notion page.

Rumble Royale

Do you want to attend an interactive storytelling game? Join us each week for our Rumble Royale. This game is super easy because all you need to do is to click the emoji to be part of the game and watch as you survive each round. Last person in every round wins the game!

How to Play?

1. Mod prompts the bot to start the game

2. Players must click the swords emoji at the start of the game to join each round

3. Let the bot do its thing & cross your fingers you’re the last man standing!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Rumble Royale will run for event points every Monday (alternating with Crypto Academy Mondays), Tuesday & Thursday — 11AM UTC

2. Each round will have a winner

4. Each winner will get 1 point, which will be tallied after the Thursday game

5. Top 5 with the most points will receive the following:

Top 1–2 = 3 DC Event points

Top 2–4 = 2 DC Event points

Top 5 = 1 DC Event point

Head on over #game-lobby every Monday (alternating with Crypto Academy Mondays), Tuesday & Thursday at 6PM BKK // 11AM UTC for an epic battle of Rumble Royale!

Discord Event Points

We definitely heard you! From September 2022, we will be giving out a total of $130 USDT to our top Discord Event Winners. Instead of a Mooning Monkey shirt and hat, we will be giving a total of $30 to our Top 4 and 5 winners.

Here is the summary of our prizes:

Top 1 — $40

Top 2–3–430

Top 4 — $20

Top 5 — $10

Trivia Night

Our Mooning Monkey members’ knowledge on NFT was tested during our Trivia night. It was a game that was both challenging and engaging which made it one of our top Discord events. Next week, it will be flags and capitals of different countries.

Gartic Night Contest

Our week wouldn’t be complete without our Gartic Night Contest. Join our community every Friday night for a fun guessing game. Correctly guess the illustration while beating other members for you win Discord Event points.

We truly have a lot in store for the month of September, so make sure you follow our social media pages and Discord to get the latest updates.