Weekly Recap: August 8–14

It’s amazing how fast the week went by for the Mooning Monkey community. We just held our AMA two weeks ago and now we’re wrapping up the second week of August. Just like before, the Mooning Monkey community has shown great engagement thanks to our Discord events.

Here is a rundown of how our week went by:

Crypto Academy Live Lecture

For last week’s Live Lecture, we were taught by our guest speaker how to quickly make an analysis of the current market. In this lesson, we went over some key points on how to do research about NFT projects. We also tackled important topics such as how the market is doing and how the crypto market is doing.

Aside from these we covered the weekly, monthly and daily charts of the NFT space in general as well as some minor news such as tiffany co’s 30Eth mint. We ended the event with a quiz where questions were taken from the discussion. There will be more of these live lectures in our community and we hope to see you again soon.

Trivia Night

Last week’s Trivia Night was a fun and challenging experience for our Mooning Monkey members since they were faced with questions about a country’s capital and flag. Members had to correctly guess the location on the image and rank high up on the leaderboard to get DC Event Points. For this week’s Trivia Night we will be stepping it up since most of the questions will be about NFT, crypto, and the Mooning Monkey project.

Gartic Night Contest

To end our fun week, we conducted our Gartic Night Contest which is everyone’s favorite. Mooning Monkey members are given a chance to correctly guess the image and beat the other members by commenting their answers first. We saw a bunch of engaged and competitive members this week and we hope to see more again for this week.

Weekly Calendar of Events

Participate and win in our Discord events for you to earn Discord Event Points that can help you in earning up to $40 USDT and Mooning Monkey prizes. For you not to miss out on any of our events, kindly refer to our Calendar of Events below and follow our social media pages.



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