Weekly Recap: July 11–17

Mooning Monkey Official
3 min readJul 19, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Mooning Monkey’s Weekly Recap! In this recap, we’ll be sharing with you our fun and awesome activities.

Discord Event Leaderboard

Mooning Monkey recently launched the Discord Events Prize Points System which allows members to earn points for every Discord event they participated in. These points will be added each month and the highest ones get up to $40 USDT each month. It’s a fun and rewarding points system that encourages our members to actively participate and interact with our community.

Here is last week’s leaderboard:

There are still a lot of activities for the month of July, so make sure you join our Discord server to get timely updates!

Crypto Academy Live Lecture and Discussion Thread

Last Monday we conducted the first installment of our Mooning Monkey Crypto Basics. Our speaker discussed the basics of cryptocurrency, the best trading platforms, and important channels to use when understanding crypto.

Our community learned a lot from our live lecture. They have expressed their enthusiasm through our #academy-chat and have shown their understanding on the topics discussed through our mini quiz. Each member who correctly answered the question earned a Discord Event point.

Afterwards, we had our fun and interactive discussion thread where we talked about several topics:

1. What is the worst crypto myth you’ve heard?

2. What do you think will drive the next bull run?

3. In your own words, how useful/important is cryptocurrency?

4. Do you believe in a “Crypto Crash”. Can it ever crash?

CEO’s Community Update

Despite the setbacks in the current market, this has not stopped Mooning Monkey from continuously developing our game and project. With this, we are happy to announce that we have completed the first installment of the Mooning Monkey Comic Book and the second part is already in the works. Our Crash Game is also being finalized while our TAK tokens are slowly being implemented in our crash game. We also have a new game that we will soon launch.

For more information about current developments, you may check the complete details here.

Our project is currently being perfected to ensure that you have the best experience. With this, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support. From the words of our CEO, “nothing will stop us”.

To learn more about our current events and updates, follow our social media pages today.