Weekly Recap: July 18–24

Crypto Academy Discussion Thread

Last week we announced that we’ll be holding our Discussion Thread and Crypto Academy Live Lectures in alternating weeks. Hence, last week we conducted our Discussion thread wherein our members discussed the following topics:

Events Role and Weekly Calendar of Activities

To make it easier for the community to receive Discord event announcement, we encouraged everyone to activate the events-role since we’ll only be tagging everyone for major events. To activate it, click the events role button in #equip-roles for you to get all our Discord event announcements as soon as they drop!

Trivia Night: Mooning Monkey Project

We launched a new event last week which is the Trivia Night wherein members from our community get to answer 10 trivia questions about the Mooning Monkey project. The member who gets the most correct answers win 1 DC Event Point. For this week, it will be all about geography while next week will be about NFT. So, make sure you did your own research to get the most correct answers.

Gartic Night Contest

One of the most favorite events of the Mooning Monkey is the Gartic Contest. In this event, members will guess on a graphic and the first one who correctly gets the answers becomes one of the top performers in the leaderboard. The top members will get 1 DC Event Point.



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