Weekly Recap: July 25–31

Mooning Monkey Official
2 min readAug 1, 2022


Last week was a blast for the Mooning Monkey community. To start off the week, here is a recap of the engaging events we had.

AMA Countdown

Every first of the month we conduct our AMA to update our holders and community of the recent developments in our project. It’s also the perfect time to directly ask our CEO your questions about the project. Hence, the official countdown for today’s episode started last week. We’ll be conducting it on Discord this 5pm BKK time, so make sure you saved the date.

Crypto Academy Live Lecture

Last week, we held the second installment of the crypto trading basics where Mooning Monkey members learned about the basics of trading and the different trading techniques to use such as fundamental analysis. The training was followed by a mini quiz where Mooning Monkey members got a chance to earn DC Event Points.

Holders’ Benefits

As a way to invite holders to participate in our events and increase their earnings, we created a special way for them to earn extra DC Event Points. Mooning Monkey holders are given an additional 0.5 bonus when they attend and win our major DC Events such as AMA and Crypto Academy. Remember that holders need to win in the events and not just attend to gain the DC Event Point. But it offers them a higher chance of winning since they get an additional 0.5 bonus.

Trivia Night and Gartic Night Contest

Last week’s Trivia and Gartic Night was a success due to the increase in participation of our members and the positive reviews we received from them. It’s always truly fun when the community is engaging and interacting in our events. So, we hope to see you too during these events.

We still have a lot in store for this week, so follow our Discord server and social media pages for more information.