Weekly Recap: June 13 — 19

Mooning Monkey Official
3 min readJun 20, 2022

What a blast we had during our 2nd week of June! With our endless energy for games, trivias, and community sessions, it’s not a wonder why new members are continuously joining each day.

If you missed our activities, here is a recap:

CEO’s Community Update

It’s not a secret that the NFT and crypto space has been in a downturn these past few weeks. Despite the current market setting, our CEO assured the community that it is part of the cycle and strong projects like the Mooning Monkey community will remain standing. It can clearly be seen by the team’s endless efforts of continuing the project and working ahead of the set dates in the roadmap.

With this, we are happy to announce that our Mooning Monkey Crash Game is almost done. The backend developments of the game are done while the mechanics of the game are working. We are currently working on the interface of the game to make it user-friendly for all.

As for our Mooning Monkey Comic Book Collection, the final touches on the cover page is almost finished and we are currently working on Book 2. We will also be working with one of the biggest crypto marketing agencies in Asia to grow our community.

You can check the full update here.

Crypto Academy Discussion Thread

Mooning Monkey Crypto Academy was established to help our community learn about crypto and NFT. Our goal is for everyone to grow and freely share their thoughts. Last Monday, we had a fun night sharing our different strategies and resources to help us in trading crypto and NFT.

You can join in our discussion too. It’s usually on Monday at 6pm BKK.

Garctic Night Contest

Join a fun-filled 30-minutes with our Garctic Game. Get the most correct answers and win amazing Mooning Monkey merchandise. We’re only awarding the Top 5, so make sure you guess the correct answers.

Project Information

Curious about our Crash Game? We shared a fun trivia about how to earn in the game. We also shared two main ways to earn in the Mooning Monkey universe. Check out the thread to read it.

You can learn more about it by visiting our Notion page and joining our Discord community. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more updates.