Weekly Recap: June 6 –12

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2 min readJun 13, 2022


Here’s another rundown of last week’s most fun and much-awaited activities!

Crypto Academy Discussion Thread

Mooning Monkey has long believed in and strived for a community that values learning. So, as part of that mission, we launched our Crypto Academy Discussion Thread which aims to be a safe space for sharing and learning about NFT and crypto.

Last Monday, we had our first-ever run of the discussion thread. The session proved to be a hit because our community members didn’t hold back in sharing their experiences, stories, and thoughts. It also became a social avenue for everyone in the community.

With the positive responses that this program has garnered, we will now do the Discussion Thread weekly every 6 PM BKK (11 AM UTC). Don’t forget to invite your friends because they can learn a thing or two!

Gartic Night

Our Gartic Night is one of the most-awaited events of the week. More than being fun, there are also surprises that the top 5 winners can get after the game. The contest runs for 30 minutes. And the top 5 with the most number of correct answers win! Sounds exciting? Join us now in Discord and wear your guessing hats to win prizes!

Project Information

Are you new to the community? Last week we posted a refresher about the four core pillars of Mooning Monkey. These are Mooning Monkey NFT, Comic Book NFT Collection, Crash Game, and TAK Token.

Know them one by one by reading this thread.

Our team vowed to bring you not only the fun but also knowledge-enriching and interactive activities. So, don’t forget to join us on our social media channels to stay updated!



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