Weekly Recap: May 9–15

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3 min readMay 15, 2022


The week passed with many new updates and developments in the Mooning Monkey community. Each day was filled with surprises and fun facts to inform the community about our projects. So, if you missed our daily updates, here is a recap of what we have accomplished.

Mooning Monkey Notion Page

We always strive to equip our community with the necessary details in navigating Mooning Monkey’s project. As a way to expedite the process of learning about our project, we have created a Notion page to arm you with the necessary tools and resources. You’ll learn everything about our team, projects, partnerships, and rewards system.

Project Trivia

As a way of helping you navigate the Mooning Monkey project, we shared a couple of trivias and fun facts to equip you with our project. We shared snippets of information such as our unique perpetual rewards system, evolution of Mooning Monkeys, and collection attributes.

Collection Attributes

Each Mooning Monkey has a distinct, rare, and unique trait that can help them in their journey towards the moon. There are 247 distinct traits drilled in each Mooning Monkey. Some of these traits are rarer than others which makes them extra special. Since each Mooning Monkey has only one shot of survival, they need your help in acquiring these traits and evolving them to get the most chance of survival.

Perpetual Rewards System

What makes Mooning Monkey stand-out from other NFT projects is it’s unique perpetual rewards system that allows NFT holders to receive daily claimable airdrops. The team allocated 49% of $TAK token total supply to this rewards pool and it can never be depleted since it’s based on percentage of the outstanding tokens in the pool. If you’re curious about our different rewards system, we discussed it in a previous article.

Evolution of Mooning Monkeys

Evolution holds an important role in the survival of the Mooning Monkeys and in the project’s rewards system. We shared in a previous article that each Mooning Monkey needs your help in reaching the moon for them to survive, however, they need your help in evolving them to a higher level. Each level requires certain requirements. The higher is your level, the higher is also the rewards.

You can learn more about how to evolve your Mooning Monkey’s here.

If you want to learn more about our current projects, rewards system, and thoughts, join us on Discord!



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