Weekly Recap: October 17–23

Mooning Monkey Official
2 min readOct 26, 2022


Before we head to the second week of October, here’s a quick rundown of what transpired during the past week.

Bear Market Builders Forum

Last October 18, we joined a bear market builders forum hosted by Secret Alpha Labs. It was attended by founders of promising projects namely Pengsol, Bit Warriors, The Residents NFT, Moon Pills, Loser Ape Dao, Lost Dog Society, and SolApp Dao.

True to what others say, bear market is for builders. It is a stress test for the project and founding team on navigating the market condition while ensuring that they deliver what they promised to their holders or community. It is always a great time to hear and know in depth the mission behind projects.

If you missed it, you can listen here.

Evolution Lab

One of our major milestones this month is having the Evolution Lab ready. You will soon be able to to evolve your Mooning Monkey up to Level 3 using our finalized and long awaited Evolution Smart Contract. This means that you will only have to evolve your Mooning Monkey (Level 1) on our website to access the Galactic Gorillas (Level 2) or Alien Gorilla (Level 3). There is no minting event that will take place, once live, the Evolution Lab replaces the minting event and you can simply go to the Evolution Lab page and evolve whenever you want, no rush no crazy gas fees.

Know more about it here.

Discord Events

Our Discord is sure to be a home for interactive and rewarding activities. Our community members can earn points and exchange them for USDT by the end of the month through participating. A prize pool of $130 is up for grabs! We are excited for everyone to try their luck this week!

Head to our Discord server today to participate and receive all the latest news on our project.