Weekly Recap: October 31 to November 6

Mooning Monkey Official
2 min readNov 8, 2022


The first week of the month was filled with exciting news and surprises. So, take a peek down below to see last week’s highlights:


November 1 just got better with the new updates from our CEO. Major updates were about the Crash Game. If there’s one thing that everyone feels excited about, it is the news that the game is close to being finished. It may be a few weeks from now before we reveal it to the public. The team has been working double to ensure its seamless and ease of use. Every week, we put out details of what you need to know about the game such as how its UI is going to look, or the betting mechanics.

Aside from game updates, our CEO also provided an overview on how VCs, grants, and accelerator programs will play a role in Mooning Monkey.

If you missed the AMA, here’s a recording for you to listen to.

Community Beta Test

We have transparently expressed to all of you that the community will play a role in ensuring that the Crash Game is 100% set to be launched. That is why we opened a community beta test sign-up.

The goal of the Community Beta Test is to seek feedback to further improve the game. User experience is of greatest importance to us. Be one of the first to experience our game & explore its multiple features & functionalities!

Join now!

Discord Events

Our Discord is sure to be a home for interactive and rewarding activities. Our community members can earn points and exchange them for USDT by the end of the month through participating. A prize pool of $130 is up for grabs! We are excited for everyone to try their luck this week!

Head to our Discord server today to participate and receive all the latest news on our project.