Weekly Recap: September 19–25

Mooning Monkey Official
2 min readSep 26, 2022


We’re off to another great week this week since we’ll be having our AMA in a few days. But before we dive into our events, let’s start with a recap of our activities last week:

Project Updates

The Mooning Monkey team has a lot in store for its holders and community. One of the recent updates released was about the Level 3 NFTs and the maximum supply level for each. Mooning Monkey NFTs can also be traded in Rarible but if you wish to evolve them, you can directly do so in our Evolution Lab. There will no longer be any mining event that takes place, instead you can directly evolve your NFTs in our Evolution Lab so stay tuned.

Aside from evolving your NFTs,you can also try staking them. You’ll be able to do it once IDO is launched and the token is live. For now, you may check our sneak peak for our NFT Staking page. Lastly, you’ll be able to get your hands on our Mooning Monkey Comic Books Collection soon.

AMA Countdown

We are back with counting the days until our next AMA. We’ll be hosting it again on Twitter Spaces and we can’t wait to see you for us to give you the latest updates on our project. So, make sure you save the date in your calendar.

Discord Events

What makes the Mooning Monkey different from other projects? We can start with our supportive and interactive community. One of the ways to keep our Discord server pumped and active is through our different Discord Events where each Mooning Monkey member can earn a point to win USDT. A total prize of $130 is up for grabs at the end of the week and we can’t wait to see you battle it out this week to get the prize.

Head over to our Discord server today to participate and receive all the latest news on our project.