What is the Role of Evolution in the Mooning Monkey Universe?

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5 min readMar 25, 2022


Evolution in The Story

The Mooning Monkeys are an advanced scientific race that are just about to begin their space explorations into the final frontier. However, before they can start their intergalactic voyage, their home planet is ravaged by relentless natural disasters, making their landscape uninhabitable.

At the precipice of total extinction, the Mooning Monkeys gathered their top scientists and engineers and managed to duplicate a spaceship created for their initial space explorations. Only 17 functioning replicas of the spaceship escaped before a world-ending asteroid hit their planet.

Without a concrete plan for their intergalactic voyage and no home planet to return to, the Mooning Monkeys find themselves trapped on the Moon — devoid of any resources needed to survive. Not long after, they discovered that the asteroid not only destroyed their home planet but also pushed the Moon into the Sun’s gravity.

The remaining Mooning Monkeys turned to the power of science once more, and the solution became increasingly apparent. They needed to evolve physiologically to be able to handle intergalactic travel. Built from parts of their spaceships and the mineral called “Ethereum” used for their spaceship propulsion, they created the Evolution Chamber, a sci-fi device meant for the sole purpose of evolution. This marked the beginning of their evolutionary journey, from which they’ll find that only upon reaching the Eternal Yeti form will they find the true solution to conquering the final frontier.

Evolution For The Reward

Evolution plays not only an integral role in the Sci-Fi narrative of the Mooning Monkeys, but also in the project’s Reward System. Primarily, with every transition into a higher evolutionary stage, NFT holders can potentially earn bigger allocations from the profit-share model, which distributes 50% of the Crash Game’s house earnings to all holders.

However, the Crash Game earnings are not the only source of our Rewards System. We also have daily claimable $TAK tokens for every evolution level as well as holding rewards for long-time holders. For more information, you may visit our profit calculator to see the projected profit forecast for each evolution level (from holding from Year 1 to Year 5).

Evolution for Supply Scarcity

On top of the narrative and reward system, Mooning Monkey evolutions will also contribute to a dynamic market through scarcity increase. Simply, the higher the evolution level, the less number of NFTs available. From 12,000 Level 1 Mooning Monkeys, there will only be 500 Elite beings called Eternal Yetis (Level 4).

Subsequently, as holders evolve their Mooning Monkeys to higher evolutionary levels, Level 1 collectibles will be more increasingly valuable. This is partly due to the burning mechanism of the Evolution Chamber.

Essentially, holders will need to burn a certain amount of NFTs per level to reach the next. In turn, this will drive the price of remaining lower leveled Mooning Monkeys higher as interested parties will need to acquire them to get to their desired evolutionary level before they run out.

The rewards will also incentivize collectors to evolve their Mooning Monkey NFTs, creating an even bigger scarcity in supply. In a conservative projection, collecting 24 Level 1 Mooning Monkeys can potentially earn $5,000/year, while a fully evolved Eternal Yeti (created from 24 Level 1’s) can bring an estimate of over $130,000 assuming 2% only of the total Mooning Monkey supply reached the Eternal yeti level.

Evolution for Free $TAK Claimable Airdrops

The higher the evolution level of the NFT is, the higher the rewards. Holders will also earn daily claimable $TAK airdrops which is primarily adjusted according to the evolution level but not limited to it.

NFT rarity ranking will also be a deciding factor for the reward claimable amount. But, evolving from collection to collection is still the best and most profitable way to earn a bigger reward in daily claimable airdrops. For example, an Eternal Yeti holder will have a larger $TAK airdrop than that of a 24 Mooning Monkeys holder, even with rarity and quantity included in the equation. Additionally, as the project grows, so do the rewards per evolution level.

Evolution for the Love of NFTs

For the real NFT lovers, those passionate about the art and deeply rooted in it, evolving Mooning Monkey NFTs allows you to own a truly unique piece of art from our in-house artists. These are not just random attributes put together, but a collection of expression and style created from months of hard work.

By owning a Mooning Monkey NFT and evolving them across collections, you get masterfully created art pieces from our amazing artists as well as the accumulating benefits and utility-cases of a holder in our project.

Evolution in The Comic Book

Finally for the sci-fi and comics fans, the Mooning Monkeys will also Evolve within the comic book series from their initial take-off for survival into space to their final transformation as Eternal Yetis as Immortal beings in a distant galaxy unheard of…



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