Weekly Recap: April 18–24

We’re excited about our growth and even more excited to see what’s to come! We prepared a quick recap of the highlights of last week. Let’s dive right in!

Project Trivia

As compared to our previous action-packed weeks, this one has become a calm one. Although this is not to say, that nothing has been going on behind the scenes. This only means that the team is preparing something big for the Mooning Monkey community.

The entire team has been busy this week working out project features while also watching the community soar on every social media channel. So, we took this advantage to give everyone bite-sized information about what you can expect from the other Mooning Monkey elements.


We have been asked quite a lot of times about the device compatibility of the game. It is one of the major things we discussed with our development team. We ensured that you won’t need to worry about whatever device you have to play it. Thus, you get to enjoy the game whether you’re on a Desktop/Tablet or Mobile.

Comic Book

Dark Days the first chapter of the Mooning Monkey comic book series, is something we shared with you regularly through action-packed sneak peeks. The previews we shared gathered positive responses. We can promise you that the next parts will be just as exciting or even better! The rest of the installments that you should watch out for are:

Part 2: Into the Unknown

Part 3: The Last Retaliation

Part 4: The Eternal Spring

Rewards System

There are many NFT and crypto projects out there that claim to transform rewards and economy systems. And with all the information being provided, it can get challenging where to commit.

The good thing is that Mooning Monkey has a well-designed economy system for you to enjoy the benefits and rewards for as long as you like. Mooning Monkey has different avenues for starting or increasing your passive income depending on what you are comfortable with. These two types of earnings are namely Perpetual Rewards and Game Sharing Profit.

Read about them and more in full detail here.

Don’t forget to join us, if you haven’t yet.



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